"During Gee’s bridge where Yuri sings Tiffany went to scratch her head. YULTI.” 140810 KCON

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YulTi - Europe/Tiffany’s Weird Habits

[UFO] (Translation cr. Kimmy)

[Fan] Vogue Girl YulTi photoshoot jjang jjang (the best)!! It’s lovely♥ Kya it’s really so prettyㅠㅠ Unnie, during this time you did a photoshoot and went on a trip together with Yul unnie in Italy, it must have been really nice!ㅋㅋ

[Tiffany] It was great! But when I think again about how in Firenze (Florence), I had to climb 464 steps because of Kwon Yul..


[‘The Best’ Interview] (Translation cr. 9risse)

- Something you don’t tell to anyone, a habit you love?

[Tiffany] Is it called “Obsession with Cleanliness/OCD”. I have this habit of lining up and cleanly making up the things inside my room.That thing was exposed to one of my member (laughs). And when going on a trip, I[m the type of bring anything and everything, and when we arrive at the hotel of our travel destination, I will line up all of my things, I will fold my clothes that I wore immediately, I will clean up the things I used right away. Since I am already expected to quickly gather my things like this, there is a member who I had been with on trip alot of times said, “That’s weird, that’s like OCD.” That’s why I said “Don’t tell this to other members”

- Who was that?

[Tiffany] Yuri (laughs). When Yuri got days off, the two of us went to Europe, even if we go overseas we usually use rooms together. When we are in our house, there are lot more things there, and we also go out alot, so that’s why we can’t clean up that much. But if you look inside my bag, the things I bring is divided into different pouches. I can take it out immediately, and it’s an ease of use. If I talk about this to a friend they might say, “No way, you?” but to the friends that know, they will say, “That really is OCD”. It’s embarrassing….


[‘The Best’ Interview] (Translation cr. Kkabbekky)

- Regarding Tiffany’s weird habits, in Tiffany’s interview she said that during her trip together with you her weird habit was exposed. She said we will know if we ask Yuri.

[Yuri] During our trip? I don’t know if this story matches Tiffany’s. Because Tiffany has a lot of weird habits. She is good in keeping things tidy and in order. She organizes everything precisely and isn’t satisfied until everything is tidy. That’s probably her weird habit. 

When we arrived at our destination and entered our hotel room, after seeing the closet, she arranged all the clothes in her suitcase in order, even if she won’t use them right away. She also took out all her cosmetics, sorted them and put them in order. She really kept everything tidy. I was surprised.

Tiffany doesn’t really look around a lot in touristic areas and famous building. When we traveled to Italy, I wanted to go to the top floor of the Milano cathedral to see the view. When you go and see it personally don’t you want to burn it in your memory? But then there was really a big amount of stairs, there were definitely really a lot. But she wouldn’t move and said she didn’t want to go up all the stairs and asked why she had to go up. (laughs) So I scolded her saying ‘You were really quick in arranging your cosmetics, why don’t you try moving around quickly too.’ So I think Tiffany talked about her habit of keeping things tidy. Try asking Tiffany. 


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